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From Occupational Medicals to Surgical procedures, Odycy can help you get the healthcare you need, faster, and on your terms.

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Get fast access to healthcare from the best providers.


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Bespoke health service procurement

Your occupational health or outsourced procurement requirements are unique to your organisation, so all of our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.


Procure Bespoke health services for your people. AI-engineered networks facilitate faster access to the healthcare services you need


Expert minded care coordinators and commercial relationships ensure the most appropriate affordable healthcare is delivered on time.

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Routinely Outsourced Services

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Diagnostic Endoscopy

Elective Surgical Procedures

Immigration and Visa Medical Fitness Certificates

Occupational Medical Fitness Certificates

Construction and Heavy Equipment Operator Medical Fitness Certificates

D4 (Category C1 or Category D1 Licence) DVLA Medical Fitness Certificate

Seafarer Medicals

Oil and Gas (Offshore Energies) UK Medical Fitness Certificate (OEUK)

GWO RUK Wind Turbine Medical Fitness Certificate

Heavy or Large Goods Vehicle (HGV or LGV) Medical Fitness Certificate

Night Worker Health Assessment Medical Fitness Certificate

Paramedic / Ambulance Medical Fitness Certificate

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Medical Fitness Certificate

Pilots Licence (CPL and ATPL) Medical Fitness Certificates

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Medical Fitness Certificate

Pre-Deployment Medical Fitness Certificates

Pre-Employment (New Starter) Medical Fitness Certificates

Private Hire Vehicle Driver (PHV including Uber) Medical Fitness Certificate

Safety Critical Worker Medical Fitness Certificate

Seafarer (ML5 and ENG1) Medical Fitness Certificates

Taxi Driver (PCO Local Authority Drivers) Medical Fitness Certificate

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