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Everyone should be able to access the care they need, when they need it; Odycy helps patients choose faster access to more convenient and more affordable healthcare, on their terms.

Dr. Nicholas Bush

Co-Founder and Medical Director Odycy


Scaling a fast-growing diagnostic provider, I realised the need for the right tech to maximise capacity and integrate with patients referred from digital pathways. With Odycy I’m able to take what I learnt and offer providers a single solution to these problems.

James Bailey

Co - Founder and COO Odycy


Why join Odycy?

Our business is making you successful.

  • Installing scheduling and referral systems can be costly and time consuming
  • Odycy makes it free and easy
  • Real-time booking, electronic referrals and seamless workflows to maximise capacity, and grow your business, for free with one sign up.

Our business is making you successful.

Odycy empowers patients by powering providers to do what they do best - so our own success is entirely dependent on yours.

We optimise your capacity with real-time, dynamic scheduling to increase appointment availability and drive your growth.

Patients click book not back with real-time, dynamic booking and scheduling to increase appointment availability and customer conversions that drive growth.

The number of customers booking your services is our key success metric. When we acquire a customer, you acquire a customer.

As the go-to platform for private patients seeking care, we build your services directly into the patient journeys of the fastest growing patient populations - tele-health patients - to bring patients who actively need tests and treatments to you.

We keep the essential tasks like allocating staffing and managing resources, payment processing and cancellation policies, simple so that you can do what you do best - care.

A free, expert marketing team for your business. We’re venture backed and spend significant sums to put your business in front of customers. Consider us an expert marketing team for your business.

Take your business to the next level with the tools, insight, support and visibility you need to grow your business, on one dashboard.

Maximum use of your capacity, more conversions and more customers with more efficient workflows grows your business - our goal is making you successful.


We're making it as easy a decision as possible.


Premium Provider SaaS

A software package specifically for diagnostic and treatment providers.


Free. Excluding standard third-party payment processing fees

  • Dynamic real-time scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Operator management
  • Payment Processing
  • Data driven dashboard
  • Referral portal

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Still unsure?

Industry data shows that 67% of patients prefer online booking, and 40% of appointments are booked after business hours.  

OpenTable is attributed with quadrupling covers at participating restaurants.

Drivers earn an estimated 17% more than their nextbest alternative by partnering with Uber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Odycy?

Odycy is a digital platform designed to connect private patients seeking care with healthcare providers in the UK. It offers real-time booking, electronic referrals, and efficient workflow management to help providers maximise their bookings, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

How Can Odycy Benefit My Healthcare Practice?

Odycy can help increase your clinic's capacity with dynamic scheduling, attract more customers by integrating your services into the digital patient journey, and improve workflows. It also offers free marketing to enhance your clinic's visibility and a data-driven dashboard for business insights.

Is Odycy Really Free?

Yes, signing up for Odycy’s software is free for providers. This includes access to dynamic real-time scheduling, resource management, operator management, and more. However, standard third-party payment processing fees may apply.

How Does Odycy Help In Scheduling Appointments?

Odycy uses dynamic, real-time scheduling to optimise your clinic's capacity, increasing appointment availability and customer conversion, thereby driving growth.

What Kind Of Providers Can Join Odycy?

Odycy is specifically designed for diagnostic and treatment providers. Whether you are a small clinic or a large healthcare facility, Odycy can cater to your scheduling and referral needs.

How Does Odycy Integrate With Telehealth Platforms?

Odycy positions your services within the patient journeys of telehealth patients, thereby bringing patients who actively need tests and treatments from online doctors, directly to you.

How Does Odycy Help With Marketing?

Odycy functions as a free, expert marketing team for your business. Being venture-backed, it invests significantly in promoting your business to the right customers.

How Can Odycy Help Me Make Data-Driven Decisions?

Odycy provides a data-driven dashboard that offers insights, support, and visibility, helping you make informed decisions to grow your business.

Making access to high-quality healthcare faster and more affordable.

Everyone should be able to get the care they need, where and when they need it.


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