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Skin Surgery

Skin surgery includes removal of skin lesions and surgical treatment of skin conditions.


Suitable For

Skin Cancer Removal
Mole Excision
Cyst Removal
Scar Revision
Skin Tag Removal
Wart Excision
Lipoma Removal
Keloid Treatment
Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Excision

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Not Suitable For

Active Skin Infection
Active Psoriasis or Eczema
Untreated Skin Cancer
History of Poor Wound Healing
Severe Allergic Reactions
Blood Clotting Disorders
Uncontrolled Hypertension
Recent Radiation Therapy to Skin

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Skin surgery, a specialised branch of dermatology and surgical medicine, addresses a broad spectrum of skin-related conditions. Procedures such as Abscess Incision and Drainage Surgery, Scar Excision Surgery, Scar Revision Surgery, and Pilonidal Sinus Repair Surgery are performed, focusing on both health and aesthetic outcomes. Odycy provides fast access to highly qualified healthcare providers for private medical care.

Key Takeaways

  • Skin surgery is essential for treating specific skin conditions, improving both health and aesthetics.
  • It includes a range of services such as abscess drainage, scar excision and revision, and pilonidal sinus repair.
  • Recovery time varies by procedure, with minor surgeries requiring days and more complex ones needing weeks.
  • Discomfort during skin surgery is typically minimal due to anaesthesia, with manageable post-surgery pain.
  • While skin surgery may leave scars, they are often less noticeable than the pre-existing condition.
  • Risks of skin surgery are low but include infection, bleeding, and potential anaesthesia reactions.
  • Financial options for skin surgery in the UK include insurance coverage and self-pay, providing flexibility and timeliness.

Need to Know

Why Is Skin Surgery Important?

Skin surgery is a crucial medical intervention for conditions such as persistent abscesses, noticeable scars, and pilonidal sinus. It becomes necessary when non-surgical treatments prove insufficient, providing relief from discomfort, preventing further complications, and enhancing physical appearance, thereby boosting self-esteem.

What Services Does Skin Surgery Include?

Skin surgery services are diverse and customised to individual needs. They encompass Abscess Incision and Drainage Surgery for alleviating pain, Scar Excision and Revision Surgeries to minimise scar visibility, and Pilonidal Sinus Repair Surgery for a definitive solution to pilonidal sinus problems.

What Is Skin Surgery?

Skin surgery refers to medical procedures that tackle skin-related conditions. It involves treatments such as abscess incision and drainage, scar excision and revision, and pilonidal sinus repair, merging dermatological and surgical expertise to improve both health and appearance.

How Long Is Recovery from Skin Surgery?

Recovery durations from skin surgery vary based on the type of procedure. Minor surgeries like abscess drainage may require a few days, while more complex procedures like scar revision could necessitate several weeks for complete recovery.

Is Skin Surgery Painful?

Skin surgery typically involves minimal discomfort due to the use of local or general anaesthesia. Any post-surgery pain or discomfort is generally manageable with prescribed or over-the-counter pain relief.

Can Skin Surgery Leave Scars?

Skin surgery can result in scars, but these are usually less noticeable than the original condition and may fade over time. The objective is to enhance appearance or treat skin conditions.

What Are the Risks of Skin Surgery?

Risks associated with skin surgery include infection, bleeding, or adverse reactions to anaesthesia. These risks are generally low.

What Are the Financial Options for Skin Surgery?

Private medical insurance often provides coverage for skin surgery. Consult with your insurance provider to know the details of your coverage. Self-pay options are also available that offer flexibility and timeliness in accessing healthcare services.

Dr. Nicholas Bush MBBS BSc (Hons)
Dr. Nicholas Bush MBBS BSc (Hons)
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For skin surgery, including mole removal or skin cancer treatment, use Odycy to find, compare and book the best provider according to your needs - price, time, location or reputation. Find expert dermatology services for precise, minimally invasive procedures, ensuring healthy and aesthetically pleasing results at an affordable price.

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