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Medicals and Health Checks

Medicals and Health Checks encompass comprehensive physical examinations and assessments for overall health and specific needs including work certificates, travel, sport and visa requirements.

Medicals and Health Checks


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What is the purpose of medicals and health checks?

Medicals and health checks serve as comprehensive evaluations of an individual's physical and mental health. They encompass a variety of tests such as physical examinations, blood tests, and specialized assessments. These assessments are tailored to meet the needs of specific occupations, travel requirements, or sporting activities, ensuring overall health and fitness.

How frequently should medicals and health checks be conducted?

The frequency of medicals and health checks is largely dependent on individual health needs, occupation, and lifestyle. As a general guideline, an annual check is recommended. However, certain professions or activities may necessitate more frequent assessments.

What types of tests are included in medicals and health checks?

Medicals and health checks typically comprise physical examinations, blood tests, vision and hearing assessments, and specialized tests. These specialized tests may include electrocardiograms (ECGs) for athletes or lung function tests for certain occupations.

Are medicals and health checks covered by health insurance?

The coverage for medicals and health checks can vary significantly based on the specific insurance policy. While basic health checks may be covered, specialized tests for occupational or travel purposes might necessitate out-of-pocket expenses.

What should one expect during a medical or health check?

A medical or health check involves a thorough examination, which includes a review of your medical history, lifestyle assessments, and a range of physical and diagnostic tests tailored to your specific needs.

Can medicals and health checks detect all health conditions?

While medicals and health checks are comprehensive, their primary focus is on identifying common and potential health issues. Some conditions may necessitate more specialized testing or referrals.


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Medicals and Health Checks